To connect with your true nature and your soul’s purpose.


    To help you live life as fully, deeply and authentically as you can.


    To help you better live together as couples and families.

  • Your SOUL Astrologer

    Marielle Churaqui

    Marielle Churaqui, Soul astrologer London

    Marielle is a London-based astrologer who has been practising astrology for the last 30 years and been seeing clients for the last 12 years.

    She gives astrology readings on-line and in person to individuals, couples, families and businesses. She offers down to earth guidance with warmth and compassion.


    “Your insight has been invaluable to me. I will definitely recommend you and refer you to others.”


    “Thank you for being so kind and warm. I took so much away from the reading”

  • SOUL Astrology Readings

    soul astrology , astrologer London


    An astrology reading can help you connect with your soul and your unique path in life.

    soul astrology, relationships, couples, astrologer London


    A relationship reading will give you insights into the nature of your relationship and help you find ways to best relate to each other.

    soul astrology family, astrologer London


    A family chart reading will help you better understand your family dynamics and enhance your family life.

    A reading of your child’s chart will help you connect with their soul and better parent them.

    soul astrology yoga, astrologer London


    I teach yoga classes inspired by the wheel of the zodiac to help you gain balance and wholeness.

  • Contact

    Whether you are looking to have an astrology reading for yourself, as a couple, for your family, for your children or for your business, get in touch by email. Or if you are interested in joining the Astrology Yoga class.

    Remember to provide the relevant birth details (Date, time and place) if you are requesting an astrological reading.

    If you are requesting a reading, please add here any specific issue/area you would like to look at and/or give any background information that you feel is relevant:

    0784 717 9233
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    Astrology for the Soul

    Here is a second piece adapted from an article I wrote on Embodying the Zodiac, published in the Astrology & Medicine Newsletter, an Astrological Association publication. Let's look in more detail how each sign of the zodiac relates to a different part of the body. Aries/Head Often people...
    February 1, 2021
    Here is a piece adapted from the first part of an article I wrote on Embodying the Zodiac, published in the Astrology & Medicine Newsletter, an Astrological Association publication. You may be familiar with the image of Zodiac Man which associates each sign of the zodiac with a particular part...
    A once in two centuries astrological event happened this week on the 21st December 2020. The planets Jupiter and Saturn came together in the sky. Astrologers call this a great conjunction. Whilst this takes place every twenty years, for the last two hundred years or so, great conjunctions have...
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