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    Astrology Readings for Couples

    Having an astrological reading is such a positive step to take as a couple. It helps you better understand each other as well as the nature of your relationship and the dynamics between the two of you.


    It can enhance your relationship whether you are just getting together or have been in a relationship for a while and are considering committing further to each other.


    It can also be extremely beneficial if you are experiencing challenges in your relationship and want to explore how to move forward.


    90 minute consultation £125

    60 minute follow up consultation £95

  • Astrology Consultations

    Consultations take place either on-line or face to face in North London.


    You need to provide the birth data of the two people involved: date, time and place of birth. Your two natal charts will be calculated as well as your relationship chart (the chart constructed by combining both your natal charts). These three charts will be studied before the consultation.


    For ethical reasons, both partners have to be present in the session. If necessary further sessions can be arranged for an in-depth exploration of specific issues.


    To make an appointment please email me with your details and I will contact you as soon as possible.

    Payment is required in advance of a consultation.


    I also do written reports. Please enquire for prices.