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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

21st December 2020

A once in two centuries astrological event happened this week on the 21st December 2020. The planets Jupiter and Saturn came together in the sky. Astrologers call this a great conjunction. Whilst this takes place every twenty years, for the last two hundred years or so, great conjunctions have been in the element of earth. This week it was in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign.

For the next 200 years or so, the great conjunction will continue to fall every twenty years in an air sign. Astrologers interpret this as the beginning of a new cycle in society, a shift of focus from the material (earth) to the realm of ideas and information (air).

This shift actually started in the early eighties when there was a ‘rogue’ conjunction in the air sign of Libra. This is when computers started to become more prevalent in our everyday life.

High tech, the on-line world, social media and artificial intelligence are here to stay. This should be no problem for people born with the energy of air strong in their chart.

Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They have the ability to remain slightly detached and objective.

This year the great conjunction took place in the sign of Aquarius.

Modern astrologers link the Greek myth of Prometheus with the sign of Aquarius. Prometheus was a titan who stole fire from the gods to give it to humanity. Like Prometheus, Aquarians often want to help humanity in whatever way they can. They are interested in people and their welfare and are usually advocates of social justice.

They also often have an intellectual and curious mind which is interested in systems of thought that seek to understand human nature and the world we live in. They are therefore often attracted by subjects such as science, sociology, psychology and even astrology - any subject that can help humanity progress in some way.

With the strong link between Aquarius and science, I would expect some important scientific innovations in 2021.

Aquarians can have a very active mind. So, this year, with the energy of Aquarius so potent, more than ever, it is important that we remain grounded. There is a risk that we may be too much in our head. My advice is to maintain good healthy habits, particularly if you have a sensitive nervous system. Anything that makes you feel more in touch with the earth and your body should help.

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The constellation of Aquarius is usually depicted as a Water Bearer, a man who holds a jar of water and carefully pours from it. If we see the water as representing the emotions, Aquarians are usually very good at controlling their emotions. Aquarius is a friendly and sociable sign but is definitely not a touchy-feely kind of sign. To some people this may feel a bit cold and aloof. And yet, at its best, this is a sign that can teach us to remain centred and detached.

If we can keep centred and detached, we can keep a sense of perspective on what is happening to us and around us as opposed to getting too emotionally involved. If we engage with this Aquarian mode of being, we can develop our ability to reflect.

We can become aware of the habitual thoughts we have that may not serve us. We can also see more clearly how we behave towards ourselves and others and change our behaviour accordingly so that it is aligned with our highest principles. All of these are great gifts Aquarius can grant us.

This great conjunction in Aquarius took place at the Winter solstice earlier this week on the 21st December. Astronomically it is the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter. This is when the Sun starts moving North again, announcing the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a powerful time, making this great conjunction even more potent.