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Embodying the Zodiac (2)

Part 2 - Each sign and the part of the body they relate to

Here is a second piece adapted from an article I wrote on Embodying the Zodiac, published in the Astrology & Medicine Newsletter, an Astrological Association publication.

Let's look in more detail how each sign of the zodiac relates to a different part of the body.


Often people who strongly embody the energy of Aries stick their head forward. When they do this, their head is no longer in line with their spine. This creates tension in the neck and shoulders and they can easily be thrown off balance.

This shows the importance of action coming from the centre, from an authentic place. It is no good following someone else’s path or what is expected by the family, friends or society.

What this says to me is that people with the cardinal and fiery energy of Aries strong in their chart need to follow a vision that is aligned to their own unique path in life.

Taurus / Throat

It is important for Taureans to find their voice, to find a vocation that is connected to their heart. They may opt for material security rather than following a vocation that they love.

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Also the determination of a Taurean to get what they want can lead them to clench their jaw and/or grind their teeth which creates tension in their neck.

Gemini / Lungs, shoulders and arms

When we can breathe easily, we feel light and free. This can only happen if the shoulders are relaxed, if we are not carrying too many responsibilities. It seems essential for Geminis to feel free. They can easily feel hindered.

Cancer / Chest

The association between Cancer and the chest conjures up the image of the mother protectively holding her child close to her in her arms, or that of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

Cancerians may hunch their shoulders and sink in the chest in order to protect themselves, not to get hurt. This can create a lot of tension in the upper part of the body. Ideally we want to open up the shoulders and still feel protected and loved. Is it possible to do this without feeling too vulnerable? This is often a relevant question when the sign of Cancer is strong.

Leo / Heart

There may be a tendency in Leos to push forward their chest and push back their shoulders, maybe in an attempt to impress, to look strong. This creates tension in the body. Is it possible for a Leo to relax the upper part of their body and still feel strong? To trust that their innate charisma will shine by simply being who they are?

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Also, if we forget about the connection between Leo and the heart, we miss a lot about Leo. Love and beauty need to feature in a Leo’s life. So do passion, pleasure and light-hearted fun.

But the heart can break. It is a fragile organ. Love can be extremely powerful but love can be fragile too. And Leos can suffer badly from heartache. Their pride often conceals a strong need to love and be loved.

Virgo / Small intestines

Like so many of us, Virgos may have a tendency to tighten their bellies. This is not good for our health and wellbeing. It interferes with the digestion of not only the foods we ingest but also the thoughts and situations we’re trying to digest and understand.

With a soft belly, we may be better able to listen to the intelligence and wisdom of our body. Let’s remember that the intestines are nowadays often referred to as the ‘second brain’.

Libra / Kidneys

In Libra, there may be a tendency to arch the back. This pushes the abdominal area forward but puts strain on the kidneys. As a result, the body is no longer centred and a sense of balance is lost.

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A question which is relevant for Librans: can I move forward and relate to other people without losing my centre, the sense of who I really am?

Scorpio / Colon and Genitals

The colon and the genitals are located within the pelvic bowl. In the yoga tradition, this area of the body is associated with the element of water representing the emotions. If there is tension in the pelvis, the flow of emotions gets stuck. This can happen when the energy of the fixed sign of Scorpio is strong.

The fact that Scorpio rules the genitals indicates that the act of creation is very important for this sign. This can be the birth of a physical child, or that of a business, or of an artistic or scientific piece of work. But, since Scorpio also rules the colon, the organ in control of discharging, it is crucial for Scorpio to sense when something has come to the end of its life and to let it go.

Scorpio needs to engage with the cycle of life in order to feel truly alive.

Sagittarius / Thighs and buttocks

If there is tension in the thighs and buttocks, there is also tightness in the pelvis. Movement in the pelvis is restricted. As a result, the hips cannot dance and there is a lack of joy (Jupiter), an essential element in the life of a Sagittarian.

Capricorn / Knees

Often people with Capricorn strong in their chart lock their knees which can prevent energy from reaching the feet and the earth. This can result in a sense of being unsupported by life, a lack of confidence and trust in life.

In my yoga classes, when the Sun is travelling through Capricorn, we explore how much we can bend the knees (standing up) without putting any weight on them. We find out that the only way to avoid straining the knees is to lift up from the earth through the feet and the legs.

Being an earth sign, Capricorn needs to have its feet firmly on the ground whilst at the same time aim high, have aspirations. Capricorn is an ambitious cardinal sign. It needs to have a sense of purpose, a feeling of going somewhere. The only way is up!

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Aquarius / Calves

I have noticed that Aquarians, similarly to Capricorns, have a tendency to lock their knees. This pushes the calves back. These can be knotty and extend backwards as you can see in people who cycle a lot. This movement backwards I associate with the aloofness Aquarians can sometimes display.

To stand without pushing back the legs can be challenging for some people, it makes them feel really unstable. The challenge for Aquarius can be to stand at the centre of their own truth (even if it feels a little wobbly), to accept their difference from anyone else.

Pisces / Feet

When the feet are flat, the ability to bounce on the earth is limited. We lose the spring in our step and the joy this Jupiter ruled sign so needs.

Having flat feet may be a sign that we are not fully incarnated/embodied and find it difficult to fully engage with life and our destiny.

This seems to be extremely common with people with strong Piscean energy or with Neptune and/or Jupiter prominent in their chart. I regularly see this in my yoga classes. People who are attracted to spiritual practices can be seeking escape from the everyday world which is, on occasion, too harsh for their gentle, Piscean souls.

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